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  • Spoonful Metropolis, Ginger Memories

    The train arrived late than the scheduled time, almost two hours late. My head was involuntarily swirling. I was half-asleep-half-awake, I regained conscious thought as I was hit on the head by the bulgy swinging purse of a cranky middle-aged woman.
  • How to Travel Like a Pro

    If there's any thread that connects all the people on this planet irrespective of their nationality, race or culture – it's their keen interest to travel the world.
  • Murakami's Kafka on the Shore

    When Kafka Tamura runs away from his Tokyo house the day he turns fifteen to escape a strange curse his father set upon him, little does he know his life will end up with so many twists and turns.
  • The Spy who Lives on

    It was the summer of 1965. A tall, young man with dark shades in his early 30s got on his motorbike and embarked on a long arduous journey of over 350 kilometers starting from Dhaka and finally arrived at Kaptai...

    With the advent of flashy tournaments such as the Big Bash or the IPL, cricket, the global sport, has started to attain a new dimension and there has been revolutionary changes as to how the game is being played in a rather short span of time.