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  • Fatiul Huq Sujoy

    Fatiul Huq Sujoy is a tired soul (mostly because of his frail body) who's patiently waiting for Hagrid to appear and tell him, “Ye're a saiyan, lord commander.” Suggest him places to travel and food-ventures to take at:

  • Managing the finances of a group trip

    Squad trips are undoubtedly one of the most anticipated events. It's when you get to know your friends on a more personal level, understand their fears and motivations, share stories and memories that will define the bond for years to come, and realise how utterly and horribly incapable you all are when dealing with money. If you can relate and/or have a squad trip in the near future, be sure to read on to better
  • Travel, experience, and connect with Walk Bangladesh

    What started as a blog of and for the adventure-hungry travellers of the country, later upgrading into a website with tourism services has now become a pioneering platform for the sharing of experiences among enthusiasts of a variety of crafts.
  • Good badminton rules we need

    Street badminton is a dog-eat-dog sport. There's no referee, no reviews, and most importantly, no mercy. There is more to the game than just hitting a shuttlecock and winning points.
  • The must-watch time travel thriller

    Dark is a German series from Netflix that will get you hooked immediately, make you constantly ask, “What the heck's going on?” and
  • Pepper Trigger

    “Hey girl, do you know why we're a rice based country?” I ask, retaining the smug face like it's the first time I'm asking.“Do I know you?” Tasnim replies, as usual.“Because every restaurant here has 15 percent VAT included.”