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  • Classes that you should be paying attention in: BBA edition

    BBA graduates end up as Jack of all trades, and master of some. To ensure that they are capable of managing any conundrum thrown

    Millennials are often stereotyped for being too lazy, distracted, high-maintenance, tactless, whimsical, and self-centred. Debunk these ideas as mere myths associated to your performance? Follow the tips in this article to make sure you don't get fired even before you get hired.
  • Friendships in the workplace

    Let's face it, 9 to 5 jobs are tiring and somewhat frustrating. The only other people who share this ordeal with you are your colleagues.
  • A low CGPA will ruin your career: myth or fact?

    If you thought your parents, annoying aunties, and your cat would stop caring about your results once you start university, you have
  • CV vs. résumé

    A Curriculum Vitae or a CV is a Latin term that means “course of life”. Rightly so, given it functions as the chronological representation of more or less your entire life story and background.