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  • Learn anywhere, anytime

    Access to education is now just a click away and diving into it can be fun too.
  • Engage community in fight against child marriage

    Community-driven initiatives can bring about real changes to the scenario of child marriage in the country.
  • Dengue Vaccine: Relief turns into worry

    The world's first ever vaccine to prevent dengue fever works just fine on those who had contracted the disease before, but brings trouble to the people who were never infected by the virus.
  • For them, Facebook means money

    Ezazur Rahman Chowdhury started his online business in 2013 selling perfumes and watches. The idea struck him during his post-
  • Relief with tap on app

    On a busy September evening last year, Limana Solaiman, a private service holder, waited at Kakoli in the capital for about one and a half hours to hail an auto-rickshaw home.