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  • The Two-finger Test: It only adds insult after trauma

    If a rape victim is an adult woman or a mother, it is highly difficult for her to get justice because of the existing evidence law.
  • Many rapists escape thru' loopholes

    The HC, while delivering the judgment, pointed out a few loopholes in the investigation and the case the prosecution presented. Coupled with the absence of medical evidence, the court decided to acquit the accused.
  • An untold rape, life thereafter

    At the tender age of 13, when she should be out playing with friends or studying, her life now revolves around tending to a son born out of rape.
  • Murderers go unpunished

    In 2007, a villager was killed as two groups clashed over the theft of a cow in Companiganj upazila of Sylhet. It took one year to complete the investigation of the murder case. Another seven years was taken to finish the trial. The pursuit of delayed justice resulted in nothing; in the verdict delivered in 2015, no one was punished.
  • Not a lonely fight, anymore

    Shahana Chowdhury kept going back to the story of her 25-year-old son’s recent Hong Kong visit and repeatedly said how proud she was to have seen her autistic child along with 10 others win the best performance award in a cultural programme there. Her excitement was mixed with gratitude for Begum Nur Jahan Dipa, special educator at the Parents Forum for the Differently Able (PFDA)-Vocational Training Centre, who made it possible.