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  • Packing Made Easy

    Packpoint is a simple application which helps you pack for your travels hassle-free. The UI is simple and barebones enough for anyone to pick up on easily. After inputting your location of visit and the duration

    At the time of reading this, the new God of War is already out and you've probably already played Sony's new masterpiece. Unfortunately, my copy of the game was lost in the mail. This did however give me some time to think about all the marketing that goes behind video games, and the impact it has on industry standards and on the minds of video game enthusiasts. In short, pre-release gameplay footage, tech demos of new consoles and marketing campaigns surrounding everything leads to one major development – hype.
  • Counting stars on your phone

    If you've ever wanted to view stars, constellations, and planets of the night sky without ever having to go outside then look no further than Star Chart. It's a location (GPS) based application which helps to view all that is available in space. So from whichever viewing angle you see your phone from, the application will automatically show the stars or planets in that direction.
  • Press to break

    Press Ⓧ to break the glass ceiling

    While there had always been leading ladies in some form or another in video games, the first wave of female leads came into mainstream popularity during the mid-1990s, and the one who stood out from the rest was none other than Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider series. A sophisticated and highly intelligent character for the time, archaeologist Lara Croft's introduction to the gaming world set gamers'
  • Farewell Francis of the Filth

    On the 29th of December of 2017, George Miller tweeted out to his fans that he would no longer be continuing his activities on YouTube as Filthy Frank and would be shifting all of his focus into his music.