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  • So, here we are !

    The day came and went! In fact, three of them in a row. 2018 was the golden jubilee year of the foundation of Nagorik Natya Sampradaya, the theatre group I belong to. More importantly, this is the year that marked the forty-fifth anniversary of continuous staging of plays in Bangladesh. This was a singular achievement of my group. No mean job, that!
  • Aly Zaker

    My War!

    I started working at the Shadhin Bangla Betar Kendra, the Radio in exile of the independent Bangladesh one fine morning. Alamgir Kabir was my superior as the Programme Organizer of the English Language Programme. This programme of special broadcast was introduced in consideration of the fact that the world had to be told about our war and the reasons there of. This included politics, economics, sociology and culture of the population that inhabited Bangladesh.
  • Aly Zaker

    Towards a new destination!

    The train started rolling at around nine in the morning. We were initially busy with making ourselves comfortable.
  • Agartala, and travel thru The ‘Pahar' line!

    Agartala's population had doubled by March 1971. Therefore, when we arrived in that town it did not seem like an Indian town. Almost everyone was speaking in our language, nay our dialect.
  • An extraordinary advent of winter!

    Today I have to digress from my usual column on recording the events of my life and venture on to something pleasanter and more contemporary.