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  • It is all about positive energy!

    Energy can never be dissolved. It is transformed from one form to another and human beings have the capability of attracting energy from outside source. Whether we attract positive energy or the negative, it completely depends on us. This is what Sonia Bashir Kabir taught the participants of the third session of Coffee with Mentor.
  • Winter Wonderland Au Revoir Winter !

    Winter is known to be the most favourite season for many of us. However, for some of us, this year's bitter-cold winter experience may not have been delightful, since 2018 marks the lowest temperature of Bangladesh.
  • Are You Ready For Change?

    Vales, eco-system and the market change with time. It is important to understand how one's skill and passion will be beneficial with the changing phenomenon. On the second session of Coffee with Mentor, enthusiast participants from different universities learnt this very crucial lesson from none other than mentor Sabbir Hasan Nasir, Executive Director, ACI Logistics Ltd. (Shwapno).
  • Together for Change

    Ensuring access to sports for people, from different spheres, is one of the ways of building a society with equality.
  • Inside the Cha Polli

    Every beautiful creation is an outcome of someone's diligence. The lush green tea gardens of Bangladesh are no exceptions. There is an entire community toiling in the tea garden, a community which is often overlooked.