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Righting The Grievous Wrong

Mohiuddin's confession

Lt Col (retd) Mohiuddin Ahmed gave a confessional statement on November 27, 1996, before the court on his involvement in the killing of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

In March, 1975, Major Khandaker Rashid was transferred to the 2nd Field Artillery as kits Commanding Officer (CO). He used to discuss with the accused (Mohiuddin) different political matters, as for example, forming of BKSAL and Rakkhi Bahini and stopping of publication of some newspapers. He used to argue that those steps taken by the government were wrong and he used to consider the accused (Mohiuddin) of having the same views and opinion.

In mid May, 1975, Rashid took him to a road by the side of Ramna Park near Hotel Sheraton in his private car. After waiting for some time there, Dalim and Nur joined them. Rashid took the two inside the park while Mohiuddin waited in the car. They talked by the side of a bush in the Park for sometime. After returning to the car and on their way to Kalabagan Lake Circus playground, Rashid showed him the playground and the residence of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. His discussion in the Park with the two dismissed army officers and later pointing out the house of the Bangabandhu raised suspicion in his mind and he thought as if they were engaged in a conspiracy. In the month of July, Khandaker Abdur Rashid completed his night training twice which were supposed to be done in winter season.

On August 14, 1975, Thursday, the CO announced night training around 2:00pm in his office before the officers. The CO also directed that in the night training all the guns would go including the First Line Artillery and First Line Small Arms. All the arms and ammunitions would go to Balurghat near New Airport before dusk. The rest of the officers and force must be present in the unit line. In the evening he directed them to march through the Tongi Road towards the Airport. He also ordered that every officer and man must carry personal arms. At about 11 O'clock at night, they reached the runway of Zia International Airport and at about 12:00 midnight their CO came there and directed them to wait there until further orders and then he left for the Lancer Headquarters. He returned at about 2 O'clock in the morning of August 15, and marched them to Balurghat gun position. On reaching there they noticed that the guns were all aimed towards the west. Later on, he came to know that those were aimed towards the Headquarter of Rakkhi Bahini. The troops waiting there were found to be filled with excitement. They were discussing that the army had revolted and Martial Law had been imposed in the country. Thereafter, keeping the troops there in position, Major Rashid took the officers namely, Mohiuddin, Major Jobair Siddiqui, Captain Mostafa (late), Captain Jahangir and Lt Hasan to the Lancer Headquarters by his jeep. It was 3 O'clock in the morning. After going there he saw Shariful Haque Dalim, Major (retd.) Rashed Chowdhury (absconding convict), Aziz Pasha, Bazlul Huda, Sultan Shahriar Rashid Khan and Captain Mazed (absconding convict) in uniform with stenguns on their shoulders and they were running to and fro in front of the armory of the Lancer Unit.

He saw that Farooq Rahman, AKM Mohiuddin, Major (retd) Ahmed Sharful Hossain, Lt. Kismat, Lt (retd) Nazmul Hasan and other NCOs and JCOs of the Lancer unit were standing in a semi-circle in front of Farooq in an adjacent open field on the western side of the Headquarters of the Lancer Unit.

Farooq and Rashid asked all the assembled officers to stand in a semi-circle. Farooq was sitting on a camp stool and there was an open map on his knees. Rashid was standing by his side. Farooq then addressed us saying, 'Sheikh Mujibur Rahman betrayed the country by forming BKSAL. He formed Rakkhi Bahini parallel to the Army, stopped publication of all the newspapers accepting four, appointed governors and reduced the budget for the armed forces. For that reason the entire armed forces have rebelled against the government. Tonight, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman would be abducted from his residence at 32 Dhanmondi and he will be detained either in the race-course or in the Ganabhaban, and thereafter by putting pressure on him all those orders have to be withdrawn through a proclamation. If he refuses to agree he would be overthrown and put on trial and a new government would be formed under the leadership of Khandaker Moshtaque Ahmed. That would be an Islamic Government.' Thereafter he distributed the duties as to who would go where.

At first, he deployed six three-ton vehicles from Lancer Artillery, 100 men from Lancer, 50 men from Artillery (every one would be armed with personal arm and ammunitions) for the residence of Sheikh Mujib. The convoy started at 4 O'clock in the morning. It proceeded through COD, Mohakhali, Tejgaon Air Port and Farmgate and reached in front of the residence of Sheikh Mujib. At that time Ajan for Fajar prayer was going on. The six vehicles in front of Muhiuddin went through Road No. 32 to the residence of Sheikh Mujib. He along with his vehicle and gun took position in the middle of the playground at Kalabagan and aimed towards the residence of Sheikh Shaheb. About 10/15 minutes later, sounds of fierce gun shots were heard from the side of the house of Sheikh Shaheb but, not getting any signal from Bazlul Huda, he (Mohiuddin) according to the earlier order, fired 4 rounds of shells towards the lake, of which two fell in the lake and he did not know about the other two. Sometimes later firing stopped and the sky was getting brighter. Suddenly he heard a hue and cry by the side of the lake and saw that Brigadier Mashrurul Haque, Military Secretary to the President and two ADCs to the President, Captain Sharif Aziz and Lt Rabbani were blindfolded, their hands were tied behind them and the troops from the Lancer were about to shoot them. At this, he (Mohiuudin) shouted at them and they did not fire. Sometimes later he saw Nur Chowdhury (whose body was soaked in sweat) with a stengun on his shoulder, coming from Road No. 32 and was walking towards South. Some time thereafter he (Mohiuddin) saw Farooq with his tank force coming through Mirpur Road towards south. He showed 'V' sign with his finger and directed him to go to Ganabhaban. Later, on their way to Ganabhaban they heard about the death of Sheikh Mujib and also heard that Major Dalim was broadcasting the killing of Sheikh Mujib on Radio. They went to Ganabhaban followed by Brigadier Mashrurul Haque and Captain Aziz. In the meantime, Col Atiqur Rahman from Army Headquarters and Brigade Major Hafiz and other officers from the Army Headquarters came to the Ganabhaban and heard the address of Chief of 3 Forces, Police and BDR Chiefs on Radio declaring there allegiance. The senior officers of the Army Headquarter congratulated them and left Ganabhaban.

Mohiuddin returned to the Army Headquarters after Jumma prayer. Thereafter, Farooq, Rashid, Dalim, Rashed Chowdhury, Bazlul Huda, Shahriar, AKM Mohiuddin, Mazed (absconding convict), Ahmed Sharful Hossain, Lt Kismat (absconding convict) and others (whose names he could not recollect) went to Bangabhaban and formed an unwritten command council and through Khandaker Moshtaque, began to run the country.

Soon after, Major General Ziaur Rahman was appointed Army Chief of Staff, he said.

He stated that wholesale discontent was growing in the Army and a rebellion was imminent. Farooq and Rashid were keeping in touch with the Army Chief of Staff Major General Ziaur Rahman to tackle the situation but he expressed his inability. Later on, there was a revolt against the Command Council situated at the Bangabhaban, ultimately, on November 3, 1975, he heard that the Majors who used to stay at Bangabhaban, left Bangladesh with their families.

On November 4, he heard that the leaders of the Awami League who were in jail were killed before their departure. On November 6, he (Mohiuddin) with the help of some troops rescued Ziaur Rahman from his house and declared him CMLA. On assuming power Ziaur Rahman gave the Majors, who were earlier sent abroad, jobs in the diplomatic missions.

As such he (Mohiuddin) thought that Ziaur Rahman was also involved in the incidents of August 15, 1975.

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