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  • “Bhalobasha Kare Koy” on ntv

    TV series “Bhalobasha Kare Koy” airs tonight on ntv at 9:45pm. Written and directed by Ruleen Rahman, it boasts a strong cast featuring ATM Shamsuzzaman, Mosharraf Karim, Shampa Reza, Shahiduzzaman Selim, Tania Hossain, Azmeri Haque Badhan, AKM Hasam, Shyamol Mowla, Jui Karim and others.

  • New series “Kheloar” begins today

    A new TV series, titled “Kheloar”, premieres on Banglavision tonight at 9:05pm. Written and directed by Masud Sezan, the play will air on

  • Sushama's Busy Itinerary

    Sushama Sarker is much-loved as a small screen actor who dabbles on silver screen projects from time to time. Her varied interests include TV hosting, and a nurtured passion for theatre acting. However, this month the artiste is keeping her focus narrow, and her schedule full with filming for drama series and Eid plays.

  • “Brishti ar Kadbe Na” on ntv

    Single-episode TV drama “Brishti ar Kadbe Na” on will broadcast on ntv tonight at 9:05pm. Written by Zahir Karim and directed by Nahid Zaman, the play casts Aparna Ghose, Irfan Sajjad, Nova Firoz and Saif in the main roles.

  • “Semi Corporate” on Rtv

    Satellite channel Rtv is broadcasting series “Semi Corporate” every Tuesday through Thrusday at 10pm. Written by Rafiqul Islam Poltu and directed by RB Pritam, it casts Afran Nisho, Aparna Ghose, Mishu Sabbir, Tawsif Mahbub, Sazu Khadem, Prosun Azad and others.

  • “Birombona” finale on Banglavision

    TV series “Birombona” will air its final episode tonight on Banglavision, at 9:05pm. Written and directed by Jabir Russel, it casts Apurbo, Mamo, Mir Sabbir, Nadia, Abul Hayat, Monira Mithu, Chitralekha Guha, Shirin Bokul and others.

  • Bhabna continues the small-screen grind

    Popular TV actor Bhabna has already hit the sets for upcoming Eid ventures. The busy artiste showcased her affinity for writing earlier this year, with the release of her debut novel, and appeared in a film venture last year. But for now, Bhabna is sticking to familiar terrains, and where have appreciated her the most.

  • Rupchanda-The Daily Star Super Chef 2018 (Episodes 17 & 18)

    With the rhythmic beats of the dhol commenced a two-episode long celebration of traditional Bengali cuisine at the Super Chef

  • Noble and Purnima come together for TVC

    Popular faces of the show business Noble and Purnima have come together for a TV commercial, marking the first time they have paired up in the medium.

  • Popular film actor Nusraat Faria

    Nusraat Faria on “Choturongo”

    News-based satellite channel DBC News will have celebrated film actor Nusraat Faria, along with music composer Pritam Hasan, on their

  • “Ora Thake Odhare” on Deepto TV

    New daily soap “Ora Thake Odhare” began last week on Deepto TV, airing Saturday to Thursday at 6pm and 8:30pm. Written by Ahmed

  • Monalisa and Ovi on “Rongin Pata”

    Popular actor and model Monalisa and journalist Ovi Moinuddin will be guests of “Rongin Pata”, a TV show of ntv, where a celebrity and a

  • Mehazabien turns another year

    She turned heads during her debut at Lux-Channel i Superstar, which set her on a path towards the world of acting. Today Mehazabien is a familiar face on the small screen, but the actor has cleared off her schedule today for a very special occasion. On her birthday today, Mehazabien shared that she will not be on the filming sets until April 22, in order to spend time with her family.

  • “Kagojer Phool” on ntv

    TV series “Kagojer Phool” airs at 9:45pm on ntv tonight. Written by Maruf Rehman and directed by Nayeem Imtiaz Neamul, the series stars Fazlur Rahman Babu, Lutfur Rahman George, Saberi Alam, FS Nayeem, Sohana Saba, Shilpi Sarkar Opu, Sazu Khadem, Noresh Bhuiyan, Ashraful Ashish and others.

  • Celebrating Baishakh with celebs

    As the light spring air of Falgun grows fuller and heavier, a feeling of joy arises in the hearts of Bangalees as they feel a new era

  • Monalisa back to the country after two years

    Popular model and actor Monalisa has come back to the country from the USA after a break of two years, and she already has work lined up.

  • Channel i launches “Iti, Tomari Dhaka”

    Channel i has launched a new film initiative being dubbed as a 'Bangladeshi Omnibus Film Project' with 11 talented young directors, to

  • Baishakh special “Panchforon” on ATN Bangla

    Magazine show “Panchforon” airs on special occasions, and this Pahela Baishakh will be no different. Produced by Fagun Audio Vision and

  • Folklore-based TV play “Roopban” on BTV

    Marking Pahela Baishakh, Bangladesh Television (BTV) will air a special TV play titled “Roopban” today after the 8pm news. The play has

  • Series finale of “Palki” on Deepto TV

    The final episode of “Palki”, the daily soap broadcast on Deepto TV Saturdays through Thursdays, will be broadcast on the channel today at 6pm. This will be the 737th episode of the series.

  • Tahsan-Mamo come together for “Sonali Ilish'er Golpo”

    The Laboni Shooting House, situated in sector 4 of Uttara, has been the spot for many a TV play over the years. For the upcoming Pahela Basishakh, TV director Sagar Jahan is filming a new single-episode play “Sonali Ilish'er Golpo” for Rtv there. This correspondent visited the shooting a couple of days ago.

  • “Sonar Shekol” on ATN Bangla

    TV series “Sona'r Shekol” airs tonight on ATN Bangla at 8pm. The series, written by Shafiqur Rhaman Shantanu and directed by Syed Shakil, casts Urmila Srabonti Kar, Sabnam Faria, Arfan Ahmed, Badhan, Nawsheen, Irfan Sazzad, Abul Hayat, KS Firoz, Saberi Alam, Shahadat Hossain, Joyraj and others.

  • Cameras roll on new Baishakh play

    A murmur went through a crowded body surrounding Uttara's Lake Drive Road on a busy weekday noon, making it quite impossible to see what was ahead. “Look, it's Nisho!” cried out an excited voice, before being promptly silenced by a busy crew member. And indeed it was the popular actor at the centre of everyone's attention, poised in front of a rolling camera in the midst of a scene for a new play titled “Ei Baishakh-e”, written by Sarwar Reza Jimmy.

  • Last episode of “Hello Check” on ATN Bangla

    Youth-based TV show “Hello Check” will air its 13th and final episode on ATN Bangla tonight, at 9pm. The programme, a production of international media development organization BBC Media Action focusing on how the youth see today's world, began airing in January.

  • Zahid Hassan

    “Sentimental Selim” on Rtv

    TV series “Sentimental Selim” goes on air tonight at 9:20pm on Rtv. Written by Hamid Hasan Noman and directed by Zahid Hasan, the series stars Hasan himself, Tanzika, Sazu Khadem, Arfan, Mansur Ali, Tasnova Elvin and others.

  • meer sabbir

    “Volume ta Koman” on ATN Bangla

    A new episode of TV series “Volume ta Koman” will go on air tonight at 9:30pm on ATN Bangla. Written and directed by Maruf Mithu, the romantic comedy series casts Fazlur Rahman Babu, Mir Sabbir, Pran Roy, Nawsheen, Jenny, Evana, Sujata, Faruq Ahmed and others.

  • Rupchanda-The Daily Star Super Chef 2018

    “Sawat die toon jen,” did you ever hear an anchor open the show like that? The first phrases of Rupchada-The Daily Star Super Chef had set the stage of the show to be different and exciting in every possible way.

  • “Dugdugi” on ntv

    Drama series “Dugdugi” airs tonight on ntv at 8:15pm. Scripted and directed by Masud Shezan, the main cast includes Chanchal Chowdhury, Sanjida Preeti, Ejazul Islam, Ajmery Haque Badhan, Mishu Sabbir, Moutushi Biswas, Abdullah Rana, Shahnaz Khushi and more.

  • “Meghe Dhaka Shohor” on ATN Bangla

    A new TV series titled “Meghe Dhaka SHohor” airs on ATN Bangla tonight, at 8:30pm. Written by Rudra Mahfuz and directed by Sakhawat

  • Joler Gaan on “Music Club” on Banglavision

    Banglavision's live studio musical programme “Music Club” will feature the folk-fusion band Joler Gaan tonight at 11:25pm.