''The curiosity of tomorrow keeps me going'' …Habib Wahid | The Daily Star
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''The curiosity of tomorrow keeps me going'' …Habib Wahid

Saurav Dey

Starting from stage performances to song recordings and compositions in studios, singers traverse many steps. Moreover, they have personal lives too. In a recent conversation, popular singer-composer Habib Wahid spoke to The Daily Star about his passion, inspiration, dreams and more. Excerpts:

What is a live performer's worst nightmare?

Habib: While performing on stage, a singer might face awkward situations like a hiccup, sneeze or a sore throat. Sometimes the microphone could become displaced or there might be a disruption in the audio connection; but these are natural and you cannot blame anyone. A singer has to accept such glitches and continue performing.

Dos and don'ts of being a singer?

Habib: For a singer, it is absolutely essential that he or she practices regularly; there is no alternative to practice for proper control over voice. Also, a singer should be in sync with musicians, as the music being played on stage is equally important as the vocals. Moreover, there are many habits including smoking that are considered bad for singers, but alas, there are singers who don't pay too much of a heed to that.

How often do you practice singing?

Habib: I don't practice regularly, and I cannot call myself a singer that way. I am passionate about music, but I am not that professional in terms of singing. I am a composer-turned singer -- and like me, there are many in our industry. Apart from music, people like our personality and outlook and they accept us as a package.

Who is Habib outside of his music?

Habib: Music has crossed the boundaries of passion. Sometimes, I feel it is my work. Then I pause for some days, and again I feel the connection. Other than music, my passion is travelling. I prefer going abroad mostly since people spot me in local destinations which I don't like. I love to travel freely; it helps me be myself.

Who is your greatest inspiration?

Habib: I would say AR Rahman. He is a maestro -- equally adept at composing and singing, and what inspires me is his unique style of compositions. Since I am a composer-singer, my inspiration comes from him. I believe that composition comes first as our voice is useless unless music is composed properly.

What motivates you?

Habib: I don't have a specific dream. I want to live every day. At this moment, I am thinking about tomorrow -- which, to me, is a dream. The curiosity of tomorrow keeps me going.

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